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The girls went trick or treating for the first time this year.  They loved it!  I ended up staying home with Ezra who had fallen asleep for a much needed nap.  Thunder pulled them both in the red wagon until they got to the street where they were going to trick or treat.  Then they walked the whole way.  Once they got home they ate one piece of candy before heading to bed.  The next day they traded all of their treats for one big treat.  Bailey chose some play tools so she could fix her bike “like daddy fixes his.”  Shea chose a little computer gadget with number and letter games.  Next year we’re thinking we’ll be a little more prepared and have them wake up to their treat from the Great Pumpkin.  Probably would be a good idea to tell them about the Great Pumpkin too.  Anywho…Halloween was fun…looking forward to next year.

A few pictures…

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A quick update…

Ezra is two months old…  He is much more alert.  Loves to smile and “talk” to you.  He can hold his head up pretty well, and loves to observe.  He sleeps pretty well at night.  And likes to nap!  Well most of the time.  He’s getting big so fast and weighs more than 13 lbs!  The girls are absolutely in love with their baby brother.  They love to kiss him, hold him, touch him and basically smother him.

Bailey is doing great at swimming.  She can hold her breath under water for a long time now!  She is learning how to use her arms and is doing a great job with that too.  She’ll be swimming on her own in no time!  Shea is figuring out the swimming thing too.  She recently figured out that she has to close her mouth when she is underwater.  “Make a monkey face!”

Music lessons just ended.  The girls had a great time and learned a lot of catchy tunes.  We hear them at least once a day.  We decided not to sign them up again as they kind of outgrew the class.  Time for something new I think.

We are still doing our co-op preschool every week.  The girls absolutely love it.  A new craft each week AND they get to see their friends too.  I think we’ll definitely keep doing that.

We are all doing great!  Keeping busy that’s for sure.  The girls just trick or treated for the first time.  More on that soon!


  • Thunder was holding Ezra, who was hungry.  She tells him, “Mama has boobies on her belly!”
  • Sitting in the car in the parking lot of Target while Shea and Ezra napped she tells me she has to potty.  I tell her she can go in the bushes.  “Mama, squirrels pee in the bushes.  And dogs.”
  • I was holding Ezra and talking to him.  “Mommy, Ezra can’t talk.”
  • While playing on the computer, I hear her exclaim, “Dammit!”  Apparently she had accidentally closed the window.

My new to me sewing machine!

Not my picture, I'll upload some of my machine soon.

A bit off topic, but I scored a sewing machine from my mom.  I am so excited!  It is a Husqvarna Automatic / Viking 21A that used to belong to my grandmother!  I believe it’s from the early 50s.  I was told it works great, but I think I’m going to take it in for a tune up anyway.  Now to just learn how to sew.

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Two week check up

Ezra had his two week check up last week. Bailey even helped out! She grabbed her stethoscope from her vet kit and listened to my heart while Debra listened to Ezra’s.   Maybe she has a future in medicine.

He’s doing great and has gained almost a whole pound!