He’s Here!

Ezra Thunder arrived at 1240am on Tuesday, August 17th after five hours of labor and less than 15 minutes of pushing.  Everything went perfectly!

The girls were home and slept through the whole thing. They woke up that morning to a new baby brother. Bailey was so excited when she realized “Zezra” was here. She ran to Daddy and exclaimed, “Daddy! Daddy! Zezra’s not in mommy’s belly. He’s here to use his blanket!” So cute. Shea was curious but not quite as excited. She has since warmed up to him.

We are all doing great and loving being a family of five!


Wild Animal Park

In the egg!

I decided to trek out to the Wild Animal Park with the girls today. Even though it’s 90 degrees out and the park is REALLY hilly and I’m 37 weeks pregnant… We were tired of being home though and needed to get out. It ended up being a pretty fun, albeit short, trip. We even got to watch the bird show…which we’ve never caught before. The girls liked the birds, not so much the talking which is what I expected. They loved when the birds flew right over us. Shea said “it tickled.”

A huge crane had just flown over us.

A fun trip, but I doubt we’ll do it again before Ezra’s here.  At least not by myself anyway.


I thought I’d start this as an attempt to share about our soon to be three silly monkeys. Ezra should be here any day now!